It's no secret that I love all things pink! Even when I'm planning a wedding that has a completely neutral color-story or is filled with pretty hues of blue and gray, I need a little bit of pink in my creative space to keep me motivated and inspired! I've been working on sprucing up my office with colors and designs that I love and although I can't say it's completely done just yet, I love how it looks so far. I have my wonderful husband to thank for pushing me along to get it done and for his contagious enthusiasm in designing my feminine, Kate Spade-inspired workspace! He painted the room, put up with my pickiness on the right shade of white, helped with wall hangings, and cheered me on the whole way through as I painted, glued, stapled and bought everything gold that I laid my eyes on. This room came together thanks to some genius Ikea hacks that I learnt about on Pinterest (oh how I love Pinterest!) and many fabulous finds I collected over several trips to HomeGoods! I found a great fuchsia fabric at JoAnne's and we decided to repurpose some old canvas wall art that was sitting in storage. A few cans of gold spray paint, a lot of printable Etsy art and several hours of team work later, here we are. Here's a peek at my pink, gold, black and white dream office so far. I still need to find the perfect office chair, some cozy floor and window coverings, guests chairs and fill a bit more of the wall space in the room so stay tuned for a follow-up post in the near future!