Yesterday was National Puppy Day so we hope you gave your furry friend lots of extra hugs and snuggles (whether or not they're still a puppy!). If you're planning on having your dog be a part of your wedding, for the pictures that you'll cherish for a lifetime and the memories of having your entire family present on your special day, we suggest you plan ahead and read through some of our tips. 

Tip #1 - Book a venue that allows dogs

If you want your fur baby to be at the actual ceremony or join you for your first dance, make sure the venue allows pets! Our suggestion, weather permitting of course, would be to have the ceremony outdoors, at a park for example, to ensure that your dog can walk you down the aisle or be your ring-bearer!


Tip #2 - Have them be a part of your getting-ready pictures

If your venue doesn't allow pets, or if you don't think your dog will be comfortable being the centre of attention in front of a crowd, bring your best bud along while you're getting ready and taking pre-ceremony pictures. We've seen some super sweet pre-ceremony pictures that are sure to melt your heart!

Tip #3 - Make sure your dog is taken care of

During the excitement and events of your wedding day, it might be difficult to take your fur baby out for a walk or feed them on time. We suggest either making arrangements with your wedding planner or coordinator in advance to ensure that someone will look after your dog or hire a dog-sitter or a dog-walker that day, to give them some well-deserved love and attention. It might get too hot in the afternoon sun if your wedding is in the summer so keep them in a well-shaded area when possible and always ensure that there is plenty of fresh water for them to drink and stay hydrated.

Tip #4 - Dress your Dog for the Occasion!

Although some dogs can't stand to be in any type of clothing, if your dog is the type who doesn't mind some frills, definitely get them all decked out in their finest tux or dress! Little bow ties can be super cute as well :) If you ever need clothing inspiration, you can check out Lisa Vanderpump's dog, Giggy, and his stylish wardrobe here

Tip #5 - Capture their moments with the kids!

Kids and dogs are our favorite combo! We love seeing pictures of flower girls and ring bearers with cute four legged friends. But be sure to keep a close eye on them as kids can get curious and excitable around dogs, causing even the gentlest pup to get overwhelmed or frustrated. 

Tip #6 - Show them lots of love and have fun!