Last September, I hosted my first ever Favorite Things Party! I've been seeing these pop-up everywhere and wanted to experience one for myself - so what better way to do so than to host one (am I right??)!  I had so much fun planning and preparing for it - give me a reason to throw a party and I'm all over it. Since it was in-between summer and fall, I went with a non-seasonal theme, and to keep with my recent office makeover, I chose a similar palette - after all, anything Kate Spade is always my favorite! 

I created a display table with an assortment of cake stands and platters for everyone's favorite things to go on. I ended up adding more platters to accommodate all the amazing goodies! Seriously, these ladies got so creative with their items - there's some detailed pictures coming up below. 

I think I'm finally beginning to learn the art of re-purposing items! Being able to add little touches from my office decor was so convenient and made for great little details at the party. These fun little coasters are some of my favorite items in my office and they fit perfectly with the party theme!

Each guest got their own shopping bag, black and white stripes with a gold bow to stick to theme of course. They also received 3 tags each to label their favorite things. I loved how creative everyone got with their favorite things - there were so many awesome goodies laid out there it was hard to choose!  


Here's a closer look at some of the decor and signs - all Kate Spade inspired of course!


Thank you to all the amazing ladies who came out for my first Favorite Things Party! It was so much fun and I really hope we get to make it an annual tradition :)